Company Info Srl è una società che propone soluzioni innovative: crea, sviluppa e commercializza tecnologie avanzate, proprie o di terzi, nonché nuove modalità per la distribuzione, e il commercio al dettaglio, per uno dei più importanti comparti economici in Italia: il turismo.

Attiva nel mercato dell’e-business e delle soluzioni di aggregazione commerciale ed erogazione di servizi in sistemi basati sulla condivisione delle informazioni in ambito web e su piattaforme di comunicazioni avanzate con particolare attenzione ai sistemi b2b2c e alla loro affidabilità dal punto di vista della comunicazione delle informazioni commerciali e leisure.

Offre alle aziende, soluzioni di e-commerce per effettuare transazioni commerciali tramite smartphone phablet, unite a strumenti di Customer Relationship Management, ossia di gestione pro-attiva della relazione con i clienti allo scopo di migliorarne la fidelizzazione nonché di marketing one-to-one.

Una particolare attenzione in virtù di una profonda conoscenza del settore IT, da parte del team Srl, viene rivolta con la creazione di solida infrastrutture presso le Aziende in modalità Software as a Service e Platform as a Service.

International Info

business partner that can take on the management of projects, convey its know-how, offer innovative services, make long-term investments and create business partnerships. In short, that’s what we are known for.
The group consists of several businesses active in the fields of travel, finance and technology. We act as a joint contact for customers and uses its great strategic skills in this, keeping the requirements of the customers constantly in mind. This is how the Group presents itself. With our strong opening and orientation to the Internet and the new information technologies we offer important support in business areas such as, for example the 2.0 business. Furthermore, they plan to offer advanced messaging and reporting services for the travel customers and their users via different interfaces.
The organizational structure of the business includes a reputable alliance in the IT field and the core is the visionary leader approach in the travel sector for more than 15 years. Founded in 2000, has achieved a first class reputation for services and software solutions in the IT sector as a Value Added Reseller and throughout the Travel Industry world. The further development of the best range of products (TravelBit or Hotelzon Booking Mobile Tool) distinguishes itself through the high quality of its solutions and numerous partnerships which have, as their main goal, the optimization of the travel business through efficient products and innovative services.

About Us is an m-ebusiness Solutions Provider and a Consulting firm, made by Visionary Leaders, in the promotion and selling of the 2.0 services, and applications. Piramide Inc., a Jacksonville (FL) based company founded in the U.S.A. in 1999, is shareholder of Srl founded in 2000. is also equipped to spread travel information, through a network of Web Travel Agencies ( TravelBit ) and is also involved in a number of other spheres of influence in trade and industry to offer eBusiness solutions to the problems faced by business in the modern world.

The Head Quarter is in Milan Italy. The Operative office of the StartUp were located at the Officina Multimediale Concordia Incubator, Sesto San Giovanni, in the northern territory of Milan. Srl is member Assinform & Assotravel and is registered at BIConline the Net Business Community for SMEs through which all of the BIC’s services are supplied. Srl is registered at

Leaders in providing eProcurement, Consulting, Mobile Business, and Workforce Collaboration solutions
Our people have an average of 20 years experience

Enabling collaboration with other enterprises
Integrated Mobile Merchant Provider delivery model
We understand our customers’ ROI needs from project beginning through completion
Offer flexible services tailored to our customers’ needs
Multi-disciplinary teams work with customers to overcome business challenges by creating relevant solutions.
Customers receive long-term cost savings and a differentiated solution

Strategic technology partner, not only a vendor
Aligned with our customer’s vision
Projects are delivered in a series of rapid phases
Customers realize immediate functionality and value
Solutions from traditional consulting firms can take triple the time to implement and realize ROI

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